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Plover, WI

Founded in 2018, the Wisconsin Worship Summit is a one-day conference hosted in two locations. At the Summit, we aspire to refresh, resource, equip, and empower local church worship ministries, their leaders, and the volunteers who serve in them. 

The Summit is a conference for “the little guy.” Here at the Summit, we won’t try to sell you something, tell you to change up everything in your ministry for the newest trend, or tell you to do something that doesn’t fit your context. You won’t walk away asking, “Now how do I actually apply this?”

Instead, our aim is to offer practical, relational, and theological training that not only equips worship leaders, but everyonein a worship ministry. We want to help you contextualize best practices for your ministry, in your church, in your town. 

Even if you don’t have a ton of money in your budget, you still have the most important resource a church can have – people. Our heartbeat is to “equip the saints for the work of ministry (Eph. 4:12).” As you and your volunteers grow, your worship ministry will grow too. After all, worship ministry isn’t about the newest or coolest tech, toys, or trends – it’s about people and walking them closer to Jesus.

Over and above everything else, our hope is that you would walk away feeling encouraged and refreshed. Doing ministry can often feel like an island, and we want you to know that you’re not in this thing alone. We’re in this together. 

We look forward to seeing you at the Summit – thanks for all that you do!

The Lead Team

Wisconsin Worship Summit

Most Common FAQ`s

Things were so much different in 2020, and so we are responding to that in a way we think is most helpful for both the leaders and teams that we serve here at the WWS. Check out this years changes below.

How much is the Summit?

For 2021 we wanted to do soemthing really special for all those leaders out there who had to change up everything that they had ever done. What a year... SO, we partnered up with the Forest Lakes District in the EFCA and made the Summit FREE! That's right, in person OR online. It's FREE!

Where will the Summit be?

Because of everything going on, we wanted to figure out the best way to serve all the leaders and teams that we wnat to reach. For that reason we will have the Summit officially at one location, Plover, WI.

We also having HOST sites sign up to have the Summit in their own churches and venues themselves. So, if you are not close enough to attend the main event you may be able to attend a location that is hosting the event near you.

We are ALSO making the Summit available to stream right from where ever you are. So, you don't need to attend our location or another host site location if you would prefer not to. You can participate right from your own home or church.

Will it be the same as in years past?

Our team have been talking about how we wanted to proceed with the Wisconsin Worship Summit ever since we had to cancel the North Summit in 2020.

We believe that with all that has happened in the last year that it is highly important to get "Back To The Basics." We're not talking about learning skills from the beginning. No, we're talking about, getting back to the core of leadership; The Heart. The basics  of worship are a heart fully and completely devoted to Jesus Christ.

SO, for 2021, we are keeping things simple. Two of our Founders will be speakign about the basics of Worship, and then we will head up the third session with a round table consisting of all 5 of the WWS Founding Team.

Of course each session will include musical worship and prayer as well. We hope that you are ready to get "Back To The Basics" with us!



Each year we try to bring someone who we believe genuinely loves the local church and is excited to teach us how to lead within the local church context. As usual, we are extremely excited to bring you two speakers from our very own WWS leadership team who are just that; leaders within a local church context who love equipping leaders to lead better!


The Wisconsin Worship Summit is focused on bringing local church leaders and their teams into a comfortable environment where they can worship freely, connect with others, and grow in their areas of service!

Meet Our Team

The Wisconsin Worship Summit team is made up of 5 local leaders from around Wisconsin that love the local church and think that there is no other place like her.

WWS Founder

Mike Middleton

WWS Founder

Matt Wilhelm

WWS Founder

Aaron Sowma

WWS Founder

Ben Hacker

WWS Founder

Steve Berg